Guidelines for Parents

1.Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct school uniform and is neatly turned out. A student must wear his school uniform whenever he visits the school. Polished shoes, a neat haircut, trimmed nails are desirables. Parents are requested not to enter classrooms either to see their wards or to seek interviews with the teachers during school hours.

2.Grow and learn with your child. Have a close bond with him/her irrespective of the grade he is studying in. This will provide him with much needed moral support. Remain involved in your ward’s studies even if he has moved to the​ high school. You can still give your child a lot of knowledge irrespective of his age.

3.Guide your child to cultivate a hobby like playing a musical instrument, drawing, painting, reading, playing a game or a sport.

4.Equip him with necessary skills like fluency in languages, a good diction, a high level of general knowledge and commitment to the smallest jobs.

5.Parents are equal partner in education. Without their cooperation the school can achieve little on its own. Here are a few ways in which parent can contribute.

6.Ensure that your ward is regular in submitting his assignments. Discourage copying from guide books. Suggest sources for research on given topic.Encourage your child to participate in co-curricular activities.

7.Curtail the T. V. viewing hours of your ward. Watch informative channels like Star Sports, Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet, Times Now, CNN-IBN, BBC and CNN amongothers. Watch good programmes together as a family and hold discussions on the same.

8.The child is mirror of the home. Respect for others, following rules and politeness of speech is first learnt at home. Be particular about good behaviour and a refined language . Teach your child to value money. Do not give pocket money liberally. Encourage him to become confident by participation in school activities instead of relying on externals like branded things or cash.

9.Teach your ward to be responsible. Instruct him to take care of his things. Maintain the cordial relationship with the teachers. Criticizing a teacher or the school in the company of a child is undesirable. It reduces the respect a learner should have for his teachers

10.They are requested to inform the school if there is any change in their address! telephone number! mobile.Leave for half day should be avoided as far as possible for security reasons. In emergency, written permission must be taken from the Principal by parents.Considering Community hygiene, ​it is recommended not to send children, when sick.Parents must refrain from giving gifts to teachers on any occasion.

11.Parents must be available for PTM conducted by the school after each assessment.

12.Parents must pay school fees on time

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