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Physics Laboratory

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Physics laboratory is a place where experiments of Physics are carried out. As we know physics is that branch of science where experimentation is an integral part of the core subject.

Chemistry Laboratory

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Theory and research suggest that meaningful learning is possible in laboratory activities if all students are provided with opportunities to manipulate equipment and materials while working cooperatively with peers in an environment in which they are free to pursue solutions to problems that interest them.

Prefabricated Classrooms

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Our school has come up with modular pre-fabricated classrooms as it is growing and expanding.



The school auditorium is large and airy and it can accommodate around 200 to 300 student at a time. All inter-house competitions like debet, one-act plays, group dance, poen recitation competitions, quiz competitions etc. are conducted in the auditorium. Workshops and seminars for teachers as well as students are also regularly conducted in the auditorium.

Art & Craft Room


The Art and Craft room of the school is beautifully decorated where students’ creativity is displayed in the form of different types of drawings, posters, designing, print making, glass- painting and collage work. The students engage in all kinds of creative work taught to them in an academic year.

Computer Lab


The Computer Lab is equipped with 30 PCs with internet facility in all of them. Computer training is given from classes LKG to XII. Training is also provided to teachers so that they are well versed with integrating technology with education.



Smart Class program helps the school to integrate technology and education in day-to-day life of teacher and student right inside their classroom and thus, enhance teaching-learning methods in any given academic session.

We also provide Byju’s tablet fully loaded with content to students of class IX-XII. Our Teachers and students are also using Khan Academy Applications for teaching and leaning process.



The School library has an impressive collection of 4500 books on all subjects. Latest magzine and periodicals are always available for students and teachers. The library also has a large collection of Ausio cassettes, VCD’s and Educational CDs. The books cater to the needs of nursery, primary and secondary students.

Sick Room


The school has a sick room, with two beds, and a first-aid kit with a stock of medicines for minor illness and injury during school hours. Two teachers are In-Charge of the sick room. Extra care is taken to keep the sick-room in a hygienic condition by regular cleaning with disinfectant and fumigation.

Science Lab


The school has a well equipped science lab. Teaching aids like various charts and working models are kept for all classes. Along with the secondary students, the students of the primary section also have access to the Science Laboratory where they can do experiments or watch demonstrations given by their teachers.



The school conducts different Inter- House Competitions of various team events such as Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Kho-Kho, and Athletics events .Indoor games are also played in the School Campus. Our students participated in Air Force School Inter-Command Sports Meet and District level competitions to develop students’ talent in sports.The school has a good basket – ball court and another big ground for playing foot ball, volley ball,etc.

Music Room


The Music room is well-equipped with various musical instruments like Tabla, Harmonium, Drum, Mouthorgan, etc. Students from Class LKG to VIII are given an opportunity to participate in the various musical shows held within school and inter-school competitions too. For this they practice in the music room under the guidance of a trained music teacher.

Inclusive Education


Our school practices Inclusive Education with the help of Dhruv Academy Special teacher from Dhruv Academy regularly conducts interactive sessions with children with special needs. School has appointed full time Health and Wellness teacher to deal with children’s emotional and behavioural problems and counselling sessions are conducted for children and parents regularly.

School Band


The school encourages the students to play instrumental music .To put this into practice, it has formed a school band, where the students learn to play various musical instruments like flute ,drums, bugle ,etc on a number of musical notes. It is an effort to bring out discipline and performing art talent of playing music in a student. This band performs on important occasions like Independence Day, any visit , etc.

Sexual Harassment Committee


AFSCN most important aim, apart from imparting quality education is to protect a child from any kinds of sexual harassments. For this at AFSCN we have a sexual Harassments committee headed by Ms. Sumita Chavare (HWT) and other teacher and parent members. (Principal &AFWWA (L) Representives, Mrs Urmila Singh, Mrs Malini Choudhary, Mrs Sandhya Dorge).

The committee addresses issues of sex discrimination and harassment. SHC ensures that every child is safe by taking regular workshops and making them aware of the same. Also if any untoward incident occurs, the SHC is ever prepared to take prompt and corrective action.

Contact Details:

Ms. Sumita Chavare (HWT)

Mrs Malini Choudhary

Mrs Sandhya Dorge