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Science Club

Scienceclub1SCIENCE CLUB

Member Teachers:

Mrs. Seema Tiwari (Incharge)
Mrs. Dolly Saha



The School Science Club has its objection as “Cultivation of an awareness of Science” and the familiarization of the students, with principles of science through their application.

It is an important phase of their life, where young students of the school, with inquisitive minds, explore the unexplored. It promotes scientific thinking among the children.

Science and Technology can bring great wonders. It can transform grains of sand into microchips, which are the brains behind our computers.

School Science Club activities are aimed to explain, exhibit and demonstrate science to induct observational, logical and analytical approach among school students. It leads to create a scientific attitude among the young students for their life-long learning.

It provides an opportunity to do something after the school, beyond academics.

Following activities were organized during this session:

  • Essay Competition
  • Scientific Quiz
  • Poster & Chart Competition
  • Field visit of Botanical garden, farm/water body and study the flora and fauna
  • Study of medicinal plants, trees, herbs …
  • Visit to work shop
  • Demonstration and exhibition of reports, charts, posters … made by students
  • Tree plantation drive by students
  • Display of models & working projects by students for Science Exhibition
  • Display of Oscar Winning Movie “Gravity” to appreciate this otherwise difficult science concept
  • Preparing volunteers, “Eco-Guards” for disaster management and environment protection in school
  • Learning to demonstrate science behind so-called miracles
  • Fun with high-school physics
  • Interaction with pilots and visit to IUCAA
  • Detecting food adulterants
  • Workshop and completion on Robotic

Final Words

“An expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field …”